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Recent News

3 March 2003: JEFFREE 0.91 is released!

JEFFREE 0.91 is the first release that provides almost complete OSGi v2.0 specification. Please see below for detailed information on this new release.

JEFFREE: Java Embedded Framework FREE

JEFFREE logo Current stable release: 0.91
Current unstable release: -

JEFFREE stands for the Java Embedded Framework FREE: a public available Open Source implementation of the Open Services Gateway initiative's specification v2.0.

Warning, JEFFREE is still under development then it does not include all expectable OSGi features ;-(

Currently, JEFFREE includes:

  • system bundle,
  • packages Admin,
  • services Registry.

In future releases, JEFFREE will include:

  • permissions Admin,
  • sample bundles,
  • tutorial !

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